Eco-Friendly Industrial Coatings

Coil & Extrusion Coatings

Dura Coat has designed a full range of coil coating technologies for all applications and levels of performance.

Coil coatings for building components, general industrial use and a full line of coatings for aluminum extrusions.

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Tube Coatings

Dura Coat Products’ 3000 Series was developed specifically for the mechanical and electrical tubing industry.

Working closely with a major tubing manufacturer, Dura Coat designed DC 3000 in compliance with environmental regulations for VOC emissions.

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Green Products

Our heritage is green.

The first Dura Coat Products factory was built in Southern California, home of the nation’s most stringent environmental regulations. Our second plant was built adjacent to a wildlife preserve, making environmental awareness a part of everyday life.

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  • Calgary Hospital with Durapon 70 colors

    A coat of many colors shields Calgary’s largest hospital.

  • Hilo University of Hawaii features curved roof with Durapon 70

    Durapon 70™ handled the complex curved metal roof easily without transit abrasion or installation scuffing.

  • Platte Valley Firestation

    The Platte Valley depends on Ceranamel XT-40 to withstand high plains weather.

  • Horse Arena in Wyoming

    Dura Coat’s team of resin experts made sure this 20,000 sq. ft. arena is as rugged as the Cowboy State....

  • Hawaii Preparatory Academy

    The Energy Lab at Hawaii’s Preparatory Academy is an award-winning model of sustainable buildings. Durapon 70 covers the exterior.


Best Paint Solutions for You and the Environment

Since its entrepreneurial start in 1986 by chemist Dr. Mike Hong, Dura Coat Products, Inc. has grown into one of the industry’s most innovative resin and coatings companies. Today, our research and development specializes in solving our customers’ most challenging paint problems and creating advanced paint systems in coil and spray coatings. Dura Coat stays committed to meeting your unique and specific requirements with eco-friendly solutions that protect our environment and reduce our carbon foot print. (watch video)

Dura Coat Products: Applied Science

Standing up to the toughest conditions, harshest environments and strictest design standards, Dura Coat applications have been proven and recognized across the country:
Murphy House, Lake Michigan (watch video)
Trump Tower Hawaii (watch video) 
XT-40 Ceranamel (watch video)
Hawaiian Preparatory Academy (watch video)