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Chemist Mike Hong had a theory. He believed he could create coatings that would perform better and still reduce harmful effects to the environment. Later, when he started Dura Coat Products, Inc. his first product breakthrough proved him right. His new water-based formulation displayed exceptional performance and reduced VOC pollutants so effectively that a customer once restricted to part-time production was allowed by the EPA to return to full-time runs. Twenty-five years later, Dura Coat’s break-through solution is still commercially viable and all our subsequent coatings meet today’s toughest requirements. Environmental responsibility is in Dura Coat’s DNA. For a company that was founded on an environmental solution, the task of developing eco-friendly coatings is second nature.


Resin is the heart of any coating. That’s why Dura Coat has a specialized lab dedicated specifically to resin research and manned by a top-tier team of R & D chemists who produce some of the finest coil coatings available anywhere. These experts develop proprietary resins that far outperform those off-the-shelf resins used by other paint companies. This same team pioneered yesterday’s breakthroughs and are working on tomorrow’s. They’re the innovative leaders who continually raise the bar in performance coatings.


Dura Coat Products, Inc. is proud to be certified by the Southern California Minority Business Development Council, Inc.

Meet Our Team

Mike Hong, Chemist
Mike Hong, Chemist

“From the beginning, we’ve never compromised quality. If we deliver an exceptional product at a fair price, we’ll always have customers. I’m proud so say our products remain the finest in the industry. Our coatings have some of the hardest finishes available and withstand job site scuffing and marring. At the same time, they’re easily post formed.” — Mike Hong

Dura Coat's California Plant
Riverside, California —
Plant and Headquarters

Dura Coat Products knew that if it could handle the air quality issues in Southern California, where some of the nation’s most stringent environmental restrictions are in place, It could handle them anywhere. The facility houses a resin lab, R&D, sales and service, technical support and full manufacturing capability and serves the west coast.

Dura Coat's Alabama Plant
Huntsville, Alabama Plant

This custom-designed 55,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant serves the major coaters in the east and south. The full-service facility includes a research and development department, sales and service, technical support and the newest manufacturing equipment. Located next to a wildlife preserve, environmental concerns are a daily priority.

Research Lab
Research Labs

Research never ends at Dura Coat. As a technically-advanced company, Dura Coat strives to develop improved and innovative products for a competitive marketplace. Environmental responsibility is another constant. Reducing pollutants in the air, water and landfills is as crucial as developing products that resist aggressive atmospheres.