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Dura Coat Products was started in a shared, rented lab in 1986 by Dr. Mike Hong, who immigrated from South Korea in 1954 with powerful ambition, a love for science, and very little money. Working his way through college, he finished his last semester at UCLA on tuition borrowed from a math professor, whose compassion inspired his determination to succeed and his eventual establishment of a foundation providing scholarships to college students.

After graduation, working for a company in chemical research, Dr. Hong developed a coating with commercial promise. Because it wasn’t part of his employer’s market focus, he decided to pursue development on his own. And believing that high-performance coil coatings less harmful to the environment could be developed, he and his wife committed to the hard work and dedication it would take to become a successful entrepreneur – and Dura Coat was born.


Dr. Hong’s first Dura Coat product was a water-based coating that solved a major issue for a customer. The product gave him enough of a foothold to concentrate on developing coil coatings. Soon the introduction of Ceranamel™ provided the emerging company’s entry into the polyester coil market, and followed up with a breakthrough, high-performance PVDF coating, Durapon 70®. With this complete product line including primers and XT series of specialty coatings, Dura Coat established a reputation for customer care – anticipating what customers will need in the future

as well as what they require now – and a strong commitment to green practices. The company’s two manufacturing plants – in Southern California and Alabama – maintain these founding priorities.


In 2016, Dura Coat celebrated its 30th anniversary and launched an exciting new chapter by joining the Axalta Coatings Systems family, a corporate powerhouse also celebrating an anniversary milestone – 150 years in the coatings industry. A natural fit, the union brought together complementary product lines, market leadership, shared values, and a vision focused on commitment to quality, customers, market-leading technology, and ongoing innovation.


Axalta Coating SystemsA global coatings leader once part of Dupont, Axalta performance and transportation coatings feature brands Alesta® and Abcite® powder coating, AquaEC™ electrocoat products and Imron® industrial coatings. These powder and liquid systems were designed for light OEM and commercial vehicle markets, the refinish market, and many industrial applications. With 50 manufacturing facilities, four worldwide technology centers, 47 customer training centers and technology laboratories in more than 30 countries, Axalta has bolstered Dura Coat’s foundation, forming a bigger, stronger, and better positioned organization to serve current and new customers with ever-improving formulations and solutions.

Meet Our Team

Mike Hong, Chemist
Mike Hong, Chemist

“From the beginning, we’ve never compromised quality. If we deliver an exceptional product at a fair price, we’ll always have customers. I’m proud so say our products remain the finest in the industry. Our coatings have some of the hardest finishes available and withstand job site scuffing and marring. At the same time, they’re easily post formed.” — Mike Hong

Dura Coat's California Plant
Riverside, California

Dura Coat Products knew that if it could handle the air quality issues in Southern California, where some of the nation’s most stringent environmental restrictions are in place, It could handle them anywhere. The facility houses a resin lab, R&D, sales and service, technical support and full manufacturing capability and serves the west coast.

Dura Coat's Alabama Plant
Huntsville, Alabama

This custom-designed 55,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant serves the major coaters in the east and south. The full-service facility includes a research and development department, sales and service, technical support and the newest manufacturing equipment. Located next to a wildlife preserve, environmental concerns are a daily priority.

Research Lab
Research Labs

Research never ends at Dura Coat. As a technically-advanced company, Dura Coat strives to develop improved and innovative products for a competitive marketplace. Environmental responsibility is another constant. Reducing pollutants in the air, water and landfills is as crucial as developing products that resist aggressive atmospheres.