Dura Coat science lab techs

We put our products on the line every day with complete confidence they will stand the test of time.

More than a pretty face

Color beautifies a building, but it’s science that extends its life. Dura Coat was founded on science. Science produced the first environmentally-sound coatings that are the foundation of all of the Dura Coat products, and it’s science that our research chemists work with to constantly improve already exceptional coatings.

Our chemists are specialists

They focus on one thing: speciality coatings for steel, aluminum and galvanized metals. they’re never sidetracked by house paints or spray can paints for hobbyists. Through continuing R&D programs, our resin chemists develop proprietary coatings that far out-perform yesterday’s favorites.

The art of science

Exceptional color-matching capability goes hand-in-hand with custom construction. Whether the job is one color or one hundred, original color chips are retained so that even decades later, an exact match can be made. Our teams also work with coaters on new developments, making trial runs and perfecting texture and multi-pattern systems. Science also helps in our continuing environmental responsibility, eliminating or reducing hazardous air pollutants, distilling solvents to reduce disposals, and using ceramic pigments for Cool Roof, Energy Star and LEED 29 compliance.