Environmentally Friendly

Dura Coat is widely known as an environmentally consciousness manufacturer. Dura Coat develops VOC compliant and high solids coatings to help our customers meet local and national regulations. Our management cares about the health of our employees and our customers as well as the health of our beautiful planet.

With an eye towards concern for the environment and wanting to make a significant improvement in product performance, Dura Coat developed a chrome-free primer that is production tested and proven on Hot Dipped Galvanized or Zincalume steel substrate and is now being specified as a universal primer. In 1994 we introduced a line of Eco-System coatings for Building Components. These Eco-System coatings can reduce HAPS, lower your VOC emissions and reduce hazardous costs waste disposal. Carrying a 25-year warranty like our regular XT-20 formulations, these coatings can help you be Environmentally Friendly.

Quality Assurance

Dura Coat Quality Assurance technicians conduct a rigorous set of tests to ensure the coatings are in full compliance with the specifications and standards. Not until these tests are completed and the standards met, will Dura Coat release production for shipment. You can count on Dura Coat quality, shipment after shipment.

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Got a coating problem? We can fix it!

At Dura Coat, we see every problem as an opportunity to formulate a better coating. We’ve done it over and over again, and we can do it for you. At Dura Coat, governmental requirements to limit VOC emissions have led directly to the development of new coatings, resins and formulations without sacrificing application, fabrication or durability, while producing higher production rates and better cost efficiencies than the coatings they replace. We can fix it! Call or email us to find out more about solutions to your paint problems.