Durapon 70™ Coastal Coating System Protects Metal Roofs from Aggressive Atmospheres

Date: 04.04.2015 | Press Release

Riverside, CA: – To combat environmental conditions harmful to metal roofs, premium coil coatings manufacturer Dura Coat Products, Inc. has introduced a coastal coating system to resist corrosive environments. The formulation features PVDF-based Durapon 70™ as a top coat applied over Dura Coat’s DC425G 380 high-build primer. Conditions include salt air within 1,500 feet of the coast, and acidic rains such as those common in the heavy industrial areas of the nation.

Durapon 70 is one of Dura Coat’s new generation PVDF coatings designed to create an exceptionally tough surface that’s resistant to scratching, scuffing, transit abrasion and the elements, yet is flexible for the most demanding post-forming operations.

For added protection, Dura Coat now offers new Edge Seal™, a clear, air dry sealer that is applied with a roller to help seal cut edges of metal panels and trim that occur during the installation process. Edge Seal can also be applied during routine roof maintenance.

Dura Coat Product’s Durapon 70 provides some of the finest metal protection available. With the addition of the new Edge Seal Coating, raw metal edges are also protected against corrosion.

Founded in 1986, Dura Coat Products is a manufacturer of quality coatings for coil and spray applications. With plants in Riverside, CA and Huntsville, AL, the company’s entire family of high-performance, scratch-resistant products are developed with advanced formulations using low-emission resins, cool pigments, and energy-saving manufacturing systems and methods. For more information, visit duracoatproducts.com, email sales@duracoatproducts.com or telephone 951-341-6500 or 256-350-4300.

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