Edge Seal Protects Raw Edges of Metal Roofs

Date: 04.04.2015 | Press Release

Riverside, CA: — Pre-painted metal roofing is known for durability and resistance to weather extremes. With the introduction of Edge Seal, a roll-on, polymer sealer, even the cut edges of metal roofing can be protected from corrosion.

Edge Seal was developed specifically by Dura Coat Products, manufacturer of premium coil coating systems, to protect cut edges of pre-painted metal roof and wall panels from the detrimental acids formed by the combination of atmospheric moisture, salt air or acid rains. Edge seal is a clear, air-dry sealer applied easily with a 4-inch roller during installation and annually as routine maintenance. Edge Seal dries quickly, forming a protective barrier over the raw edges.

Edge Seal is available from Dura Coat Products. Call 951-341-6500 or 256-350-4300 for more information.

Founded in 1986, Dura Coat Products is a manufacturer of quality coatings for coil and spray applications. With plants in Riverside, CA and Huntsville, AL, the company’s entire family of high-performance, scratch-resistant products are developed with advanced formulations using low-emission resins, cool pigments, and energy-saving manufacturing systems and methods. For more information, visit duracoatproducts.com, email sales@duracoatproduct.com or telephone 951-341-6500 or 256-350-4300.

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