Dura Coat Solution Gives the Advantage

A national leader in commercial doorframes uses prepainted steel rather than post painted as used by their competitors. The special cleaning and preparation of the steel used in Coil Coating along with application of a corrosion inhibiting primer is a marketing advantage for them.

The original paint system actually had two problems, it fractured on the 90º bends during roll forming, requiring touch up at Timely. The failures were not consistent, depended on the temperature, cure of the pre-paint, settings on the roll formers so adjustment of the original paint was not working. Dura Coat brought in the ZT series coatings. The ZT’s are made flexible to take tough roll forming and have superior adhesion to the substrate, so even small cracks don’t peel off. The Dura Coat ZT product worked in every situation, was no dependent on weather, fine roll form adjustments. It has a wide “cure window” so the coil coater can apply a consistent product, in fact two coaters were used with equal success.

Timely’s second problem was caused by the cardboard packing boxes. The rough surface of the cardboard separators left marks in the dark brown finished doorframes during shipping. Timely developed a testing procedure to evaluate several different types of cardboard in trying to solve the problem.

The ZT Zero-T system not only has flexibility it retains a tough, scratch-resistant top layer that “fixed it” for Timely. When Dura Coat introduced the ZT Coatings for the doorframes, the marking was eliminated. We compared the previous coating to the Dura Coat ZT paint and found that Dura Coat was the solution. The testing showed that the previous paint had been softened to try to solve the fracturing problem, so it caused the marking problem.

Dura Coat’s chemists always try to look at the whole picture and develop a comprehensive solution to your problem.