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Coil Coatings for General Industrial Use

Premium Coil Coatings

coil coating primersDura Coat makes several primers each designed to provide excellent adhesion to the substrate and provide a base for topcoats.

DC410 Chrome Free Primer – An off-white polyester primer formulated with our special corrosion inhibiting package which contains no chrome-based pigments. The outstanding adhesion of the DC410 makes it a good choice for aluminum, cold rolled, hot-dipped galvanized or Galvalume Zincalume steel.

DC425Y-7 Urethane Primer – When finishing with Durapon 70 PVDF the urethane primers provide the best base for adhesion. An excellent corrosion-inhibiting package provides long lasting protection even in severe exposures. DC425Y-7 is also used where superior flexibility is needed for tight 0-T bends.

DC425Y-17 Appliance Primer – Formulated to provide a base for high performance appliance topcoats. This primer passes tests for most major appliance manufacturers for refrigerator, range and laundry.