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Coil Coatings for Building Components

XT-20 High Durability Coatings — Premium Coil Coating

The XT-20 series is formulated with a proprietary high durability polyester resin for resistance to chalking and fading and contains premium exterior grade and ceramic pigmentation to provide superior color stability. The XT-20 finishes provide excellent long-term gloss retention and corrosion protection in severe environments. Ideal for use on all building components especially roof and side panels, soffit, fascia, etc.

The XT-20 series is a 20-year warranted coating system designed to be applied as two-coat primer/finish system. The XT-20 coatings feature our special stain resistant resin that also improves scratch and metal marking resistance. XT-20 coatings are tough yet flexible enough to be embossed and easily take a 1-T bend in roll forming.

The XT-20 series is also available in eco system formulations, which reduce pollution and are excellent for environmentally sensitive applications.