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Coil Coatings for Building Components

Premium Coil Coating System

 XT-30 Ceranamel Polyesters on Roll Formed PanelThe XT-30 super tough coil coating finishes provide a new level of coating toughness, hardness, abrasion, and stain resistance to difficult coil coating applications. The XT-30 Series is formulated with a new proprietary super tough polyester resin which provides the hardest coatings ever while maintaining required coil coating flexibility.

The XT-30 coating system can be formulated for interior and exterior applications and is an excellent choice for selected HVAC, appliance, office furniture, transportation, and building product applications. The XT-30 coating system was specifically designed to replace and upgrade the current coating products that are just not hard and tough enough to handle difficult forming and end use requirements.

Available in a wide variety of standard and custom colors and textures, an efficient custom color matching process provides quick delivery of special colors to meet customer needs. XT-30 finishes are designed for application to primed hot-dipped galvanized, zinc-aluminum alloy steel (i.e. Zincalume®, Galvalume®), cold rolled steel and aluminum substrates.

The XT-30 Series is a warranted coating system designed to be applied as two-coat primer/finish system. DC477 Global Primer, or as approved DC410 Chrome-Free Primer, should be used to provide exceptional corrosion protection and overall system physical properties. Our backer completes the system and provides excellent “wet stack” corrosion protection and its internal lubricants assist roll forming.

XT-30 – now available to solve your coating hardness problems.