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Coil Coatings for General Industrial Use

Premium Coil Coating

The Dura Coat Zero-T coatings provides true Zero-T flexibility on thin gauge steel and aluminum, while retaining a surface hardness of “H” or better.

ZT Coatings on T bendsDura Coat’s ZT coatings uses a proprietary linear, high molecular weight polyester resin designed to provide good exterior durability, excellent stain resistance, and a great overall balance of physical properties. The Dura Coat’s ZT coatings are excellent for screen and doorframes, closet hardware, appliance and HVAC, office furniture, T-bar, baseboard, shelving, and lighting fixtures.

ZT coatings are formulated to provide a tough, scratch and stain resistant finish that holds up to harsh conditions, but is flexible enough for embossing and tight T-bend fabrication.

ZT CoatingsThe ZT coatings do not post-open or “flower”, even when exposed to special heat testing or hot weather. ZT coatings may be applied single coat depending upon the application or over standard primers.