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Extrusions – DC5000 Series

DC5000 Extrusion CoatingsDura Coat Products, Inc. manufactures a full line of coatings for painting of aluminum extrusions. These thermally cured, baked-on, finishes are used for all kinds of building components, commercial and residential windows, doors and storefronts. Finishes are typically applied to pretreated metal using electrostatic spray.

DC5000 PVDF Fluorocarbon Coatings offer the best in long-term protection of exterior surfaces and meets AAMA 2605. Durapon 70 is now licensed with Hylar® 5000.

DC5000 SP Silicone Modified Polyester Coatings provide the extra weather resistance with our proprietary resin. Certified to meet AAMA 2605.

DC5000 EX High Durability Polyesters provide excellent outdoor weather and corrosion protection with extra scratch and stain resistance built in. Meets AAMA 2604.

DC5000 CX Architectural Polyesters are the “work horse” coatings providing great coverage, hide and mileage, with extra scratch and stain resistance. Meets AAMA 2603.

DC5000 FX FlexCoat series allows post forming and bending of extrusions after painting for applications like window frames.