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DC5000 FX FlexCoat Coatings

  Superior flexibility on painted extrusions.
  Scratch- and scuff-resistant.
  Special stain-resistant package.
  Meets AAMA 2603 high-performance finishes.

DC5000 FX FlexCoat Coating on bent framesDC5000 FX FlexCoat finishes are ideal for RV window and doorframes, moldings and automotive parts that are bent or formed after painting.

DC5000 FX FlexCoat uses a very special high molecular weight linear polyester that provides the extra flexibility and elasticity needed for post forming. The FX finishes have a special top hardness to resist scratching and scuffing.

FlexCoat coatings incorporate our unique stain-resistant package to keep smog, exhaust and pollutants from deteriorating the appearance.

FX FlexCoat coatings have superior adhesion to resist fracturing bends and are recommended as single coats. FX coatings are certified to meet the AAMA 2603-98 specification.

DC5000 Series Spray Primers

DC5000 spray primers are designed to improve corrosion resistance and adhesion when applied to aluminum extrusions. Each primer has a “flash dry” property, so full curing is not needed prior to topcoating and the primers are typically used “wet-on-wet.”

DC5000 FX FlexCoat Coating Spray PrimerDC500Y-7 primer is formulated as a basecoat for DC5000 PVDF Fluorocarbon finishes and it can be used to enhance performance of SP and EX finishes. It has great flexibility so it can be used with the FX FlexCoat finishes.

DC410Y-31 primer improves the adhesion and corrosion protection of DC5000 EX and CX polyester spray finishes.

DC410Y-42 primer is a higher solids version of 410Y-31 to help meet environmental regulations without sacrificing performance. Use with DC5000 EX Plus and DC5000 CX Plus finishes.

DC450 is an epoxy primer that is designed to be used under the SP Silicone Modified Polyester finishes.