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DC5000 PVDF Fluorocarbon

  The best in outdoor weather protection.
  Monumental and high profile buildings.
  Improved rheology for great flow.
  Special stain-resistant package meets AAMA 2605 superior performing finishes.

DC5000 PVDF Fluorocarbon series is excellent for many building product end uses such as windows, curtain walls, railings, trim, fascia and other exterior applications that require a high quality long lasting exterior finish. DC5000 PVDF meets AAMA 2605 so, it is ideal for use on monumental and commercial building projects.

DC5000 PVDF is based on a unique proprietary resin system that incorporates 70% Polyvinylidine Fluoride (PVDF). Designed as a premium finish to provide outstanding protection from acid rain and corrosive environments. DC5000 PVDF coatings provide excellent color retention and resistance to chalking and fading for a long-lasting finish.

Improved rheology provides a smooth finish with electrostatic spray that gives consistent color, hide and film build to speed production. Our special base resin resists dirt pick up and has a durable stain, chemical and mar-resistant surface.

Available in a wide variety of colors, including metallic and exotic finishes, DC5000 PVDF incorporates durable, color fast ceramic and premium exterior grade pigments. An efficient custom color matching process provides quick delivery of special colors to meet customer needs. The use of special pigments in the metallic colors eliminates the need for a clear overcoat in most applications.

DC5000 PVDF is designed for application to properly pretreated aluminum extrusions. The DC5000 PVDF series is a fully warranted coating system designed to be applied as two-coat primer/finish systems by certified applicators. DC 500 series primers should be utilized to provide exceptional corrosion protection for AAMA 2605 certification.