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DC5000 SP Silicone Modified Polyesters

  Excellent outdoor weather protection.
  Monumental and high profile buildings.
  Special stain-resistant package.
  Meets AAMA 2605 superior performing finishes.
  High and medium gloss finishes.

DC5000 SP silicone modified polyesters are designed for application to monumental and high rise buildings, high profile store fronts, curtain wall, doors and windows.

DC5000 SP finishes are formulated with our proprietary 50% silicone modified polyester resin. It is designed to provide outstanding gloss and color retention to keep your buildings looking great for many years.

DC5000 SP coatings incorporate our unique stain-resistant package, so smog, pollution, dirt and similar surface contamination is easily removed. DC5000 SP coatings meet the requirements for AAMA 2605-98. The SP finishes are good alternatives to fluorocarbon coatings and offer a harder, more scratch-resistant coating, and can be made in a high gloss finish.