Forever Green

Our heritage is green. The first Dura Coat Products factory was built in Southern California, home of the nation’s most stringent environmental regulations. Our second plant was built adjacent to a wildlife preserve, making environmental awareness a part of everyday life. Our cool roof pigments help diminish the heat island effect and our work towards increasing high solids reduces VOCs. Chrome-free primers, better uses for water-based technology, and EPA recognition are testament to ongoing environmental consciousness. Through continuous R&D efforts, Dura Coat Products is actively eliminating all harmful elements that may be contained in paint systems.

General Industrial Products

Many DC5000 Spray Coatings are used in protecting metal parts outside the aluminum extrusion business. We modify these coatings to protect sheet aluminum, cold rolled steel, hot dipped galvanized and steel or aluminum castings.

The DC5000 CX Coatings provide a versatile finish with excellent scratch- and stain-resistance. Used for automotive tubing, protection of bolt heads, machinery or production parts, these thermally cured coatings offer a long finish in high or medium gloss and metallic finishes.

Mill Applied Coatings

Dura Coat mill-applied protective coatings are designed for zinc-aluminum alloy, coated steel and hot dipped galvanized substrates. Used in a variety of applications, these unique coatings are ideal for:

  • Anti-fingerprint Coatings
  • Conductive Clears for Computer Cabinets
  • Commodity Building Panel Colors
  • Agricultural (AG) Sheet
  • Rainware and Gutters
  • Roof Accessories
  • Specialty Primers
  • Adhesive Bonding Primers
  • Post-Paintable Primers
  • Insulated Liner Panels

Anti-Fingerprint Clear

Dura Coat Anti-Fingerprint Clear is a unique waterborne chemical and UV-resistant protective coating designed to enhance the outdoor weather performance of coated flat-rolled steel, hot dipped galvanized, zinc-aluminum alloy coated and electro-galvanized steel. The special hydrophobic acrylic resin seals the surface of hot-dipped galvanized from moisture to help prevent white rust and storage corrosion. It also helps prevent discoloration or fingerprinting.

This unique acrylic is best applied by roll coating and cured with infrared, induction or conventional oven. Requiring only 180-250°F and good airflow in the oven to remove moisture, its corrosion resistance is enhanced by passivating before coating. Anti-Fingerprint Clear also adds an oil-less clean lubricity to the steel, assisting in roll forming and stamping, and allows fabricators to eliminate forming oils and reducing their down time for clean up. Pre-paint, laminates or other surface-critical metal can be run on the same machinery.

The clear coating may be post-painted on site with good quality exterior latex paints and is compatible with many production coatings, powder or liquid spray. Contact your Dura Coat representative for specific preparation guidelines and adhesion testing procedures.

Corrosion Clear

By incorporating a unique blend of corrosion inhibitors along with passivation chemicals, Dura Coat provides a single clear coat for Zincalume or Galcalume substrates. The coating features great shelf stability, no leaching of yellow color and no gelling or seeding of the resin. It is also great on hot dipped galvanized steel to prevent wet stack corrosion and enhance roll forming.

Pigmented Coatings

The same formulations are available in pigmented finishes which provide excellent coverage, hiding and corrosion protection. This next generation of polymer films for HDG/ZAL are durable, more permanent coatings that closely resemble the appearance and performance of typical coil coated products.

Pigmented coatings are available as tinted clears in gray, blue, green and virtually any light color, and a variety of “full hide” finishes including barn red, gray, tan, white for applications like commodity buildings, roof accessories and rain ware.

Pigmented Primers

Coatings can be supplied as off-white or green primers. These primers can be post-painted with liquid spray, powder coatings and even coil coated with Dura Coat polyesters. The “quick cure” technology works well with conventional, infrared or induction heating. Waterbase and low VOC formulations are available to accommodate local air pollution control regulations, depending on the specific coating line characteristics.


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