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In 1986, Dura Coat Products was founded by Dr. Mike Hong. A South Korean immigrant, UCLA grad, and research chemist, Dr. Hong followed his dream of starting a coatings company with unique environmentally friendly products.   With his dream realized, Dr. Hong opened Dura Coat’s first manufacturing site in Riverside, California.

PAVING INNOVATION:  The young Dura Coat Products first product was a water-based coating which solved a major issue for a customer and helped establish Dura Coat Products as a successful coating manufacturer. Soon the new company established a line polyester and siliconized polyester products for the coil coating industry. Dura Coat Products continued to develop and provide specialized coatings to solve customer problems. Eventually Dura Coat launched Durapon 70®, a 70% PVDF coil coating which rounded out a full portfolio of coil coating products. Along the way, Dura Coat had developed a line of spray products mainly used for coating aluminum extrusions extensively used in commercial construction of curtain walls in low-rise and high-rise construction. The development of a Durapon 70® product for spray application now completed the product portfolio of spray applied extrusion coatings. With a solid product offering and great business growth, in 2002 Dura Coat expanded its operations and opened a second plant in Madison Alabama. With the plant in California and the plant in Alabama both focusing on taking care of the customer and product innovation, Dura Coat had established itself as a force in the coil and extrusion coating markets.

MILESTONE ALLIANCE: In 2016 (after 30 years) Dura Coat Products entered into a purchase agreement with Axalta Coating Systems, and in 2019 Dura Coat Products joined the Axalta family as their newest acquisition. This transaction brought together two companies with the same values in doing business, a high level of customer care, and strength in innovation.

2 Locations to serve you best!

Dura Coat’s capabilities are expanded into two locations to serve you best. 

Dura Coat Products opened its Riverside California manufacturing plant and offices in 1996. Dura Coat Products opened its Madison Alabama manufacturing plant and offices in 2002.  Both sites have full manufacturing capabilities and technical support for the complete Dura Coat Product lines including PVDF, SMP, Polyester, Acrylic, Primer and Backer.  Both manufacturing plants are ISO 9001 certified.  Having manufacturing sites in Alabama and California allows Dura Coat Products the flexibility to provide products and services when and where needed from coast to coast.


We put our products on the line every day with complete confidence they will stand the test of time.

Dura Coat Paint Systems Provider

More Than A Pretty Face

Color beautifies a building, but it’s science that extends its life. Dura Coat was founded on science. Science produced the first environmentally-sound coatings that are the foundation of all of the Dura Coat products, and it’s science that our research chemists work with to constantly improve already exceptional coatings.

Our Chemists Are Specialists

They focus on one thing: coil and extrusion coatings for steel, aluminum, and metallic coated metals. Access to the global technology team of Axalta Coatings Systems allows our scientists to adapt emerging technologies in other areas for use in coil and extrusion coatings. Through continuing R&D programs, our chemists develop proprietary coatings that far out-perform yesterday’s favorites.

Chemists are specialists

The Art Of Science

We pride ourselves in applying science to our day to day business. Addressing a fabricating customer need, adapting products to unique application requirements, custom color matching, and industry environmental and regulatory requirements are a few of the areas where we harness science to work for us and out customers. We’re ready and willing to see how we can apply the art of science to your needs.

Values & Behaviors

Our values are a commitment we make to ourselves and to everyone with whom we engage, from our customers to suppliers, from leaders in communities in which live and work to our newest colleagues. The languages and cultures in which we do business differ but the values we share as a global company remain the same.

Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

Dura Coat's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics strives to ensure employees meet legal and regulatory obligations as well as adhere to company policies and practices. Our Code covers a number of topics including conflicts of interest, community citizenship, data protection and privacy, non-discrimination and non-harassment.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Dura Coat is committed to doing business ethically and responsibly and expects the same of its suppliers. In support of this commitment, Dura Coat’s Supplier Code of Conduct conveys our expectations of our suppliers with regard to their compliance with laws, business practices and the environment.

Working with us

Extensive Company Network

Dura Coat believes in establishing a dynamic working relationship with our customers.   We establish long-term and mutually beneficial relations and become reliable partners. 

Our Coil Coating Partners

Natural Colors 
to Buildings

Axalta is a global coatings company focused on providing customers with innovative, colorful and sustainable solutions. With more than 150 years of experience in the coatings industry, Axalta continues to find ways to serve more than 100,000 customers with the finest coatings, application systems and technology.

Axalta develops, manufactures and sells a wide selection of performance and transportation coatings around the world, serving a range of customers from some of the largest original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to small, family-owned businesses. They each have one thing in common – the promise of Axalta quality. We are committed to providing our customers with quality, innovation and the delivery of exceptional products everyday.


Liquid Coatings

Axalta offers liquid coatings and a wide array of color-matching tools to serve customers in markets from light original equipment and commercial vehicle manufacturers to body shop operators int he refinish aftermarket as well as many industrial customers.


We are committed to helping our customers learn how to bring out the best in our coatings and color tools with high-quality weathering, testing and consulting services alongside 47 customer training locations around the world.

Throughout these web pages we list our global brands, organized by liquid and powder formulation. If you are not sure which products are right for your business, visit our pages for information on the customers in different industries we serve.

Powder Coatings

Our powder coatings offer a superb technology with benefits for many industrial applications.  These products have earned a reputation for corrosion resistance and durability due to superior edge coverage, thick film build and lack of a primer required.


Axalta manufacturers and sells a wide selection of liquid and powder coatings to customers around the world designing products to meet exacting customer specifications.