Explore our Broad Range of Products for Your Coil and Extrusion Coating Needs

Dura Coat’s products fall into 2 categories, Coil Coatings and Extrusion Coatings. Our coatings are factory-applied under controlled conditions by an approved professional applicator. The areas where our paint systems are used is extensive. Our product offer combined with our technical service team to support our network of approved applicators is truly a winning combination.


Polyester coating systems provide a hard but flexible finish suitable for a wide range of interior and exterior applications.


Silicone Modified Polyester coating systems offer good color chalk and fade protection for many applications.


Polyvinylidene Fluoride or PVDF coating systems offer the best color fast and chemical resistance performance for exterior metal building products.


Acrylic paint systems are a good utilitarian option. They offer a good balance of hardness, flexibility, mar, and stain resistance. They are well suited for demanding manufacturing processes.


Coil coating involves roll-coating metal coil substrates that will be post-formed after the coating has been applied and cured.  Our coil coatings consists of Polyester, SMP, PDVF and Acrylic.

Durapon 70® is based on a unique resin blend that incorporates our proprietary acrylic and 70% polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF). Designed as a premium finish to provide outstanding color stability, gloss retention, exceptional abrasion resistance,  chemical resistance, and great film flexibility.

Available in a wide variety of colors, including metallic and exotic finishes, Durapon 70® incorporates high quality exterior grade durable color fast ceramic pigments. Available in industry standard colors or custom colors using our efficient custom color matching process which provides quick delivery to meet customer needs.

• Exterior Building Products
• High Quality Needs
• Long Lasting Finish

Ceranamel XT-40S is our leading silicone modified polyester (SMP) which provides an outstanding level of long-term exterior performance for building product applications. The XT-40S system is formulated with a proprietary super durable polyester resin which provides excellent resistance to chalking, fading and environmental weathering. The XT-40S system uses only the highest quality Exterior Grade and Ceramic Pigmentation to insure exceptional color and gloss retention and resistance to long term high U.V. radiation.

The Long-Term exterior weathering performance makes XT-40S coatings
your ideal choice for use on all building components, especially roof and wall panels, soffit, fascia, etc. for commercial, residential, and agricultural applications. The improved coating hardness and abrasion resistance make it a perfect choice for metal roof tile and shingle applications.

• Commercial Use
• Residential Use
• Building Components

Ceranamel XT-30 (SMP) is designed to provide a new level of coating performance for demanding manufacturing and end use. The system provides the hardness, flexibility, abrasion and stain resistance required for some of today’s difficult applications.

The robust proprietary resin system and pigment package can be custom
tailored to meet a variety of specific fabrication and service needs for selected HVAC, appliance, office furnishings, and transportation products.

The XT-30 coating system was specifically designed to replace and upgrade the current coating products that are just not hard and tough enough to handle difficult forming and end use requirements.

• Appliances
• Office Furnishings
• Transportation Products

The Ceranamel XT-20S (SMP) system provides exceptional long-term gloss and color retention.  Formulated with a proprietary high-durability polyester resin modified with silicone for extra resistance to chalking and fading.  This system contains the right balance of pigmentation to provide color stability and cost. The tough yet flexible proprietary resin, combined with its long-term exterior weathering performance, makes Ceranamel XT-20S coatings your cost-effective choice for exterior building components where scratch and metal marking resistance are needed in addition to forming flexibility.


• Commercial Building Components
• Residential Building Components
• Soffit / Facia Applications

Ceranamel XT-10 polyester finishes provide cost-effective protection for interior and exterior  exposures. The XT-10 system is formulated with a
proprietary composite polyester resin for resistance to UV degradation to limit chalking and fading. The Ceranamel XT-10 technology can provide
enhanced scratch and metal marking resistance making the coating
tough, yet flexible enough to be embossed and easily take a 1-T bend in
roll forming.  XT-10 coatings are an excellent choice for exterior building
components and accessories. Applications such as garage and entry
doors, window and screen frame, soffit, fascia, and rainwater goods are all ideal for uses for Ceranamel XT-10.


• Garage & Entry Doors
• Window & Screen Frame
• Soffit & Facia

DuraAcryl Acrylic coil coating finishes provide superior flow, hardness,
abrasion, and stain resistance to difficult coil coating applications. The
DuraAcryl system is formulated with a proprietary acrylic resin which provides exceptional application performance while maintaining required
coil coating flexibility.

The DuraAcryl acrylic coating system can be formulated for interior and
exterior applications and is an excellent choice for selected truck trailer,
appliance, cargo trailer, and sign stock applications. DuraAcryl coatings can
be modified in wax-free or with our stain resistant package that improves
scratch and metal marking resistance. The stain resistant formulation
provides exceptional stain resistance while also allowing post-painting and
decal application.

Available in a wide variety of standard and custom colors and textures, an
efficient custom color matching process provides quick delivery of special
colors to meet customer needs. DuraAcryl finishes are designed for
application to primed hot dipped galvanized, zinc-aluminum alloy steel (i.e.
Zincalume®, Galvalume®), cold rolled steel and aluminum substrates.


• Truck Trailer
• Appliances
• Cargo Trailer
• Sign Stock

Krypt-Stone is a two-coat system consists of various colored textured base coats with a textured finish to provide an extremely tough mar and scratch- resistant surface. The finish provides excellent gloss and color
retention by using a  proprietary high durability resin and strong exterior
grade pigments. All of these ingredients come together to provide a finish
which provides excellent color stability and resistance to chalking and

The exterior weathering performance makes this coating your cost effective choice for commercial and residential applications for roofing and siding panels as well as other associated building components.

The coatings appearance is designed to create a unique visual effect that enhances the color depth. While Krypt-Stone is a tough abrasion resistant paint system, it also provides the flexibility needed in today’s manufacturing of unique building products. This high durability coating features our special stain-resistant technology. The combined proprietary resin and pigment blend, provides a truly unique paint system.

The coating system is tough, yet flexible enough to handle the forming
requirements and be fabricated into many different building components.


• Building envelope components
• Roof/Sidewall Panels
• Soffit
• Fascia

Zero T I Coatings from Dura Coat Products assure True Zero-T flexibility
on thin and heavy gauge steel and aluminum, while retaining a surface hardness of “H” or better. Using a proprietary linear, high molecular weight polyester resin, Zero-T coatings are designed to provide good exterior durability, excellent stain resistance, and a great overall balance of physical properties.

Available in all gloss ranges and a variety of stock and special colors, the ZT product line’s special formulation allows for quick and economical small batch processing to help minimize coater inventory problems and
small order expense.


• Screen & Door Frames
• T-Bar
• Closet Hardware
• Light Fixtures
• Office Furniture


Extrusion Coating involves spray coating either preformed parts and extruded metal shapes that will normally be used in that state.

DC5000-CX uses a proprietary polyester resin that provides a cost-effective coating for aluminum extrusions to provide color stability and resistance to chalking and fading. DC5000-CX coatings are ideal commercial and residential
applications for door and window frames, trim, fascia, railings, etc.

Designed to meet the performance requirements for AAMA 2603, DC5000-
CX can be applied as a single coat directly to properly cleaned and pretreated aluminum extrusions. Designed for application by electrostatic spray, these coatings provide consistent coverage rates resulting in high mileage to reduce your costs.


  • Door Frames
  • Window Frames
  • Trim & Fascia
  • Railings

The DC5000-FX System uses a proprietary polyester resin that provides a
cost-effective coating for aluminum extrusions with outstanding flexibility.
DC5000-FX coatings are an ideal choice when post paint forming is needed.
The unique resin blend help to eliminate post painting embrittlement that can result in cracking and crazing when forming post painted material.

Meeting the performance requirements for AAMA 2603, DC5000-FX can be
applied as a single coat directly to properly cleaned and pre-treated aluminum
extrusions. Designed for application by electrostatic spray, these coatings
provide consistent coverage rates resulting in high mileage to reduce your costs.


  • Automobile, Truck and RV Doors, Windows, Trim and Molding
  • Post Paint Forming

DC7000-XLP System uses a proprietary polyester resin system that provides extra protection from acid rain and naturally occurring corrosive environments. DC7000-XLP is made with exterior grade pigmentation to provide good color stability and resistance to chalking and fading.

The exterior weathering performance makes DC7000-XLP a cost-effective coating for commercial and monumental applications. It’s ideal for use on
curtain wall, window frames and store fronts as well as fascia, trim railings,

The DC7000-XLP system of a primer and top coat must be applied over
properly treated aluminum extrusions. The robust primer and top coat will
help prevent corrosion and is especially effective in high salt concentration


  • Curtain Wall
  • Window Frames
  • Store Fronts
  • Fascia, Trim and Railings

Durapon 70® HP Spray PVDF is based on a unique proprietary resin system
that incorporates 70% polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and a unique acrylic.  The system is designed to meet AAMA 2605 performance specifications. This premium system provides excellent color and gloss retention. The excellent gloss retention with color  stability and excellent resistance to color chalk
and fade make this long-lasting finish ideal for use on monumental and
commercial building projects.


  • High Rise and Low Rise Curtain Wall
  • Monumental Architectural Projects
  • Anytime a superior paint finish is needed


Dura Coat is looking forward to working with you on your coil coating and/or extrusion needs.  Our highly qualified team ranging from the scientists in the lab to the team members in the shop, our goal is to provide you with the best color pigments we can.  You can give us a call at our Alabama or California facilities.  Bring the color of your building to life with Dura Coat.

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